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You don't become one of the most trusted names in the industry overnight... it takes decades. And that's exactly what Aquarian drums and percussion have done. Founded in 1987, exclusively making drumheads at the time, Aquarian has expanded their lineup, as well as their international reach, becoming one of the most recognized manufacturers in the game today. What does that mean for you as a drummer? That means that Aquarian has everything you need to keep your kit in pristine playing condition. From drumheads and practice pads to a variety of other accessories, they have you completely covered. So what are you here for? If its drumheads, and you're looking to outfit an entire kit, start your search with the best-selling Super-2 Drumheads with Studio-X Ring Rock Pack. Featuring 12", 13" and 16" heads, this responsive pack provides a focused attack with a warm, punchy tone. If you're looking for individual drumheads though, you're options only open up from there. For a full, articulate sound check out something like the Focus-X Snare Drumhead. Or, if you're in need of a more versatile design, with the power to suit any style, try the Response 2 Drumhead. It's all about how you want to craft your sound.

Outside of drumheads, you'll also find electronic drum pads and triggers, drumsticks, dampening devices, cymbal springs and so much more. Because, as you already know, your kit isn't just about the drums, but all the other parts working together as well. Take some time to browse them all, as these top-quality accessories are able to refresh or reinvent your entire setup depending on what you're after.

Spanning every genre imaginable, Aquarian drums and percussion are celebrated by artists for their unparalleled quality. Top drummers like Rob Zombie's Tommy Clufetos, jazz legend Jack DeJohnette, Rikki Rockett of Poison, Trey Gray of Brooks & Dunn, Duran Duran's Roger Taylor, and so many others rely on Aquarian for their signature sounds, making them a name trusted like no other. So no matter how or what you play, if you want to add a professional edge to your setup, go with Aquarian drums and accessories.