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Product Price  $499.99
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When you're up onstage, the only thing on your mind should be the task at hand, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best. With GMS, quality goes without saying, which is why so many drummers rely on them for superbly crafted drums and percussion instruments that are more than ready to take the thrashes and crashes of today's hardest-hitting players.

Whether you're a veteran of the industry of simply enjoy jamming with friends, GMS's team of drum experts is dedicated to providing everyone with exceptional drums and percussion instruments. Founded in 1987, GMS has been consistently earning the praise and acclaim of drummers from around the world ever since, thanks to the rock-solid reliability of everything they construct. In fact, GMS's line of products are even used by professional recording artists like Eric Kretz of the Stone Temple Pilots, Sterling Campbell of the B52s, and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Brian Chase.

For a perfect example of GMS's state-of-the-art drum designs, look no further than the Revolution Maple/Brass snare drum. Consisting of an 8-ly maple shell along with a thin layer of brass that's sprayed to the inside of the drum shell, this snare drum offers amazing versatility and flexibility, from the warm and round response to the colorful rimshots.

In the bass drum category, the GMS Special Edition is the result of extensive research by GMS drum experts. With its astounding combination of great vibrations and flawless resonance, this bass drum offers players an impressive range of full and fat tones, and the cross-laminated construction makes it incredibly sturdy.

In order to play at your finest, you need gear that enhances the skill you've already worked so hard to perfect. Nobody understands that better than GMS, which is why everything manufactured at their California headquarters is built with your passion for the drums kept in mind.