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GMS Special Edition Rack Tom

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GMS Special Edition drums are made up of select 8-ply North American maple with no gradation in the thickness of the shell as the diameter gets large...Click To Read More About This Product

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  • { "name": "14 x 11 in. Silver/Blue Sparkle Fade", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-23-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-23-2018", "price": 749.99, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "749", "decimalValue": "99", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 1075.00, "salePrice": 749.99, "listPrice": 749.99, "isPriceDrop": false, "priceDropPrice": "", "savingPercent": "30.23", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku490475000705885", "displaySku": "490475 000705885", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/490475000705885_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"6,000", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"491456862847", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "14 x 11 in. Chestnut", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-23-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-23-2018", "price": 645.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "645", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 1075.00, "salePrice": 645.00, "listPrice": 645.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "priceDropPrice": "", "savingPercent": "40.00", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku490475000705876", "displaySku": "490475 000705876", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/490475000705876_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"5,160", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"315420371324", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "13 x 10 in. Chestnut", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-23-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-23-2018", "price": 576.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "576", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 960.00, "salePrice": 576.00, "listPrice": 576.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "priceDropPrice": "", "savingPercent": "40.00", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku490475000759876", "displaySku": "490475 000759876", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/490475000759876_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"4,608", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"281685213600", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "12 x 9 in. Chestnut", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-23-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-23-2018", "price": 558.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "558", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 930.00, "salePrice": 558.00, "listPrice": 558.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "priceDropPrice": "", "savingPercent": "40.00", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku490475000699876", "displaySku": "490475 000699876", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/490475000699876_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"4,464", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"272882550675", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "10 x 8 in. Chestnut", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-23-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-23-2018", "price": 483.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "483", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 805.00, "salePrice": 483.00, "listPrice": 483.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "priceDropPrice": "", "savingPercent": "40.00", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku490475000638876", "displaySku": "490475 000638876", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/490475000638876_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"3,864", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"236196404999", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "7 x 8 Chestnut", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-23-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-23-2018", "price": 450.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "450", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 750.00, "salePrice": 450.00, "listPrice": 450.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "priceDropPrice": "", "savingPercent": "40.00", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1sku490475000642876", "displaySku": "490475 000642876", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/490475000642876_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"3,600", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"220066573125", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
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Not just well built drums, but visual beauties as well.

GMS Special Edition drums are made up of select 8-ply North American maple with no gradation in the thickness of the shell as the diameter gets larger. After extensive research, GMS decided the thicker shells give the best performance, providing good vibrations in all dynamic situations with little to no distortion or necessity for reinforcement hoops which can cause problems with resonance. The drum shells they came up with are thin enough to give you wide tonal ranges, strong enough to not need reinforcement hoops, but not so thick as to raise the frequency to a higher pitch. Another unique aspect of their construction is the staggering in the seam construction so none of the ply seams line up with each other. This cross-laminating process creates an even sturdier drum.

One of the more innovative drum companies in the market, GMS Drum Co., is known for creating ingenious, yet functional products for drummers.
Knowing many drummers prefer the split-lug look and to see more of the shell's finish, they developed the "SE" (Special Edition) lug. Despite its very small footprint, it provides the same musical quality and resonance of its larger predecessor, the "Grand Master lug." It also has the same swivel nut as the "GM" lug, but diverts shell stress, by tensioning from the bottom of the lug casing, as opposed to the top. This makes it visually appealing while also contributing to the quality sound of these Special Edition Rack Toms.

GMS bearing edges utilize a 45-degree cut on the inside of the shell, a shallow 45-degree counter cut on the outside, and a gradated bearing edge around the set. In essence, the edges are sharper on smaller-diameter toms and get rounder as the diameter gets larger. This exclusive process enhances the drums' attack and sustain, while offering larger drums more low end and punch. All toms feature Evans coated G1 top, and G1 clear bottoms with hoops that are 2.3mm steel triple flanged.

The GMS Suspension System is designed to securely mount your toms, and give you maximum resonance at the same time. The system secures itself to two tension rods on the top side and stabilizes itself with a clip on the bottom hoop. The rubber bumper mounted bottom clip housing, lets the drum "hang", so it will not choke the drum with rigidity. The profile of the mount is very sleek, making it almost invisible to the eye. The actual tom bracket that is on the mount, is a solid piece, exclusive to GMS.

These drums go through an intense process that starts with hand sanding of the raw shell to give the paint a better surface to which to adhere. They're then primed with a clear primer. They get sanded again until they are flat and even and ready for the paint. After they dry for 10-14 days, they are sanded with no fewer than 6 grades of sandpaper. As soon as they are deemed smooth as glass, they are sent to be buffed by two grades of imported European compounds. The end result is an unmatched mirror-like finish.

Rack 'em up with these GMS Special Edition Toms.

  • Wood: 8-ply maple
  • "SE" lug
  • GMS Suspension System
  • Super glossy finish
  • G1 top
  • G1 clear bottom

GMS builds instruments for the discriminating drummer. Get them coming your way.

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