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Not all drums are made equally, and no two drummers play the same. Of course, Spaun drums and percussion fully understands this, which is why they're respected around the globe for combining innovative designs with state-of-the-art construction.

The second you start browsing through Spaun's catalog of options, you'll notice quickly that their drums have a truly distinctive style. From blood-spattered shell packs to glow-in-the-dark snares, Spaun is all about capturing your talents from both a visual and audible standpoint. In fact, their superior sound quality has earned them the praise of countless professional players, including John Steward of Fishbone, Eric Arce of The Misfits and Nick Jett of Terror.

So what does Spaun have in store for you? Well if a new snare is what you have in mind, then check out the Acrylic shell snare. With its crushing power, loud attack and focused tone, the versatility of this drum makes it one of Spaun's most popular items. Or, maybe you prefer the response and tone of maple... in which case, go with the Custom Series maple snare. Delivering incredible dynamic presence that cuts through even the loudest mixes, its shells consist of 8-plies of 100% maple, and the black satin finish and gold stripe gives it an eye-catching appearance.

As mentioned, Spaun also offers shell packs, and the Blood Spatter maple 3-piece set is a perfect example of Spaun's creativity. Combining solid sonic fundamentals with "killer" graphics, this maple custom series kit comes with solid brass lugs and double 45-degree bearing edges. In other words, this 3-piece shell pack will blow the minds of anyone who's lucky enough to hear you, and see you, in action.

You've put so much time and effort into sharpening your craft for an audience to enjoy, it only makes sense to go with drums that will make you stand out from the competition in the best way possible. When you're ready to make a mark on the drum world with your unique percussion skills, look no further than Spaun to provide you with a kit that's unlike any other of its kind.