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Heil Sound Ltd. has been built by people who are passionate about producing dynamic microphones that are superior in every way. Founded by Bob Heil, Heil Sound Ltd. is has a simple mission statement that is the basis for the company's success. "We respect all artists and sound professionals, listen to them, and make products that let them do their best". Simple and effective, Heil Sound has earned the trust and respect of some of the top musicians and sound engineers working in the industry today.

At Heil Sound, it's all about the microphone. Since day one they have been innovating to push live performance and studio work forward in exciting new directions. In fact, Heil is such a well-known and respected name in the industry that they are the first and only manufacturer to ever be invited to have an exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Bob Heil and Heil Sound have literally changed the way microphones are used, so it's no wonder that you're interested in having one (or several!) to call your own.

So which Heil Sound microphone is going to be perfect for you? Well, as you can imagine that is going to come down to personal preference. If you're not sure which mic is right for you, check out the best sellers. An option like the PR 35 Dynamic Microphone might be everything you could want in a mic. With amazing versatility, this mic works well for commercial broadcast, recording, and live sound reinforcement. Built to articulate natural midrange, this mic will bring your recordings to life in new and exciting ways.

Another great option for any audio enthusiast is the Fin Dynamic Microphone. This mic features a vintage look, but is loaded with modern features that make it ideal for recording vocals, instrument amps, harmonicas and more. With a clear sound that really booms, a mic like this is always going to get the job done.

These days, Heil microphones are found everywhere from concert stages in churches, to recording studios, to venues large and small around the world. By understanding that the best microphones can only be built by the most qualified and dedicated employees, Heil Sound continues to lead the way in the recording industry.