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When it comes to microphones, there's a lot of truth to the saying "variety is the spice of life!" Every situation, from studio recording to live sound reinforcement, calls for a mic that's made to shine in that respective role, and most manufacturers are eager to answer the call. Take MXL dynamic microphones for instance - MXL is best-known for its outstanding studio and broadcast mics, but there's no resisting the call of the stage, and they've got a lineup that's more than ready to handle any live performance. In typical MXL fashion, they've designed each one of these dynamic microphones with a cool vintage look. And as you'd expect, the hardware on the inside is as good as the design on the outside. The starting point in MXL's dynamic microphone collection is the CR-77 Dynamic Microphone, which kicks things off in high gear with a built-in shockmount and a cardioid polar pattern that focuses the response to eliminate unwanted background noise. It's loaded with well-engineered touches, right down to the shape of its grill, which improves clarity by using smaller holes to reduce feedback. And since the CR-77 is versatile enough to tackle just about any instrument in addition to vocals, it's a real workhorse for the entire band. Want to make your stage presence even more timeless? If so, the MXL V900D Dynamic Microphone might be the way to go. With its classic style body, this model is like a blast from the past. But don't let its appearance fool you - it delivers a whole suite of modern features, including an internal shockmount and wind screen, with response that's smooth through the midrange and crisp at the top. Prefer your high-end a little more rolled-off? In that case, the V400 Dynamic Microphone is for you: its response is as round-topped as its visual styling. No matter which model works best for your needs, you simply can't go wrong with MXL dynamic microphones. They sound as good as they look, which is definitely saying something with their stylish retro aesthetic! These mics aren't only for MXL fans who want to take their favorite brand out of the studio and onto the stage - they're excellent performers for any artist who wants a great microphone inside and out, at a price point that's easy to afford.