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Earphones have certainly come a long way since they were introduced as a novel addition to your home theatre setup. Now considered to almost be a necessity among music fans, earphones have become powerful home theatres on the go that allow you to bring your most pristine recordings where ever you may go. Of course, there are more earphone manufacturers in the world today than ever before, but one name still manages to consistently rise above the rest as an example of quality and consistency. That company is Shure. For nearly a century, Shure has been on the forefront of personal and professional audio technology. If you're a person who takes their audio seriously, Shure is a sure thing.

Shure are proud to craft a wide assortment of earphones that can suit the needs of everyone from the daily commuter to the elite audiophile with incredibly discerning taste. If you fall into the former category and are looking for a great set of earphones to enjoy your tunes as you go about the day, you'll find a lot to love about the SE215 Dynamic MicroDriver Earphones. These sound isolating earphones keep external noises at bay so you can listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard. With enhanced bass and a single dynamic microdriver, these earphones are perfect for the morning train, your walk downtown after work, and everywhere in between.

If, on the other hand, music is your life and you demand only the finest earphones, you'll want to look no further than the SE846-CL Quad MicroDriver Sound Isolating Earphones. These workhorses offer extended high-end clarity alongside second-to-none low-end performance. With quad hi-def drivers with true subwoofer technology, these sound-isolating earphones bring your music to life like never before, so much so that if you close your eyes you could swear that you were front row at the concert of the decade!

Shure take a great deal of pride in their earphones, which is why they come so highly recommended. By always striving to make their earphones better and more versatile, they have earned their reputation as crafters of must have gear for audio lovers.