Meinl Effect Cymbals

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Musicians have always benefited from the creative minds of cymbal makers, and today, many percussionists agree that Meinl's extensive line of effect cymbals are amongst the finest ever crafted. Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a touring professional, effect cymbals are an excellent way to broaden the horizons of your percussion routine. In fact, a large amount of hard work and quality control goes into every effect cymbal that Meinl constructs; so you can bet that whatever you're looking for, it will bring you countless years of hard-hitting enjoyment.

Versatility is what makes the difference between a good percussionist and a great one. Of course, no one understands that better than Meinl, which is why they're so dedicated to making effect cymbals for every taste and preference. With that in mind, choosing the right effect cymbal for you can be as easy as starting with Meinl's best sellers and top-rated items, and the Classics Low Bell cymbal is ideal for players who prefer a long and dry sustain. Available in low, medium and powerful pitches, this cymbal has a brilliant stick response, plenty of attack and a moderate decay that suits everything from pop and rock to country and metal.

Another one of Meinl's popular cymbal options is the Generation X Kenetik crash. The Generation X Series provides an impressive range of unique effects, and the Kinetik is perfect for fast accents. Designed by multi-instrumentalist and producer Thomas Lang, this cymbal is a great way to add tonal color to your kit.

The world's best drummers never played it safe. They took chances on different percussion techniques and expanded on their capabilities in the process. When you have a distinct talent like playing the drums, it only makes sense to try new things, and an effect cymbal from Meinl is just what you need to get inspired every time you sit on your drum throne.