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For over 25 years, EBS has been crafting professional-level effects and equipment for players all over the world. By focusing on innovation and always striving to perfect their complete lineup of gear, EBS has become the natural choice for serious players who have the absolute highest demands regarding sound and performance.

EBS effects have been used on stages all over the world by a veritable who's who of musicians. Artists such as Jamareo Artis, who tours with Bruno Mars, Adam Blackstone, who tours with Kanye West, Michael Devin of Whitesnake, and Roger Glover of Deep Purple all swear by their EBS effects. EBS transcends genre and playing style with effects that are equal parts practical and versatile.

With countless awards and the respect of the industry, it's no wonder you're excited to add some EBS effects to your collection. The only question is which effects are right for you? Obviously, you're going to need to decide if your purchasing effects for your bass or your guitar, but beyond that, it's definitely going to be a matter of personal preference. If you're not entirely sure which type of effect you're looking for, maybe check out the best sellers in this section. For example, the OctaBass Triple Mode Octave Divider Pedal is a low-frequency pedal with enough power to move mountains when you start to groove. This all-analog octave divider creates a single note one octave below the pitch of any note you play. Able to recognize two, and even three-note chords, this effect will open your bass playing up in ways you never thought possible.

Another one of our most popular EBS effects is the TremoLo Guitar Effects Pedal. This pedal offers some seriously killer filter effects that will send all your fans for a loop. Loaded with character, this pedal can operate in mono or true stereo for sonics you're going to have to hear to believe.

And these are only a few of the effects EBS can offer you. Whether you play the bass or the guitar, you'll be blown away by their quality and durability. So take the plunge and try some EBS effects for yourself, you'll be glad you did.