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Effects pedals are not only a fun and exciting way of incorporating new ideas into your performance, but you don't have to be a virtuoso on the instrument to use them. With the simple click of a footswitch, even a novice player has the capability of adding new dimensions of sound to their technique. Simply put, creativity has no boundaries when it comes to guitar effects pedals, and thanks to Malekko Heavy Industry, you'll have no shortage of superbly constructed effects pedals to choose from.

Made proudly right here in the USA, Malekko Heavy Industry came to fruition when an entrepreneur named Josh Holley teamed up with long-time music industry veteran Paul Barker. Barker, of course, is a former member of industrial-metal legends Ministry, so you can be sure that he knows a thing or two about guitar effects pedals. Today, Malekko is a name that's renowned and respected around the world, thanks to their immaculate quality and rugged durability. From tremolo and distortion pedals to chorus, reverb and phasers, Malekko Heavy Industry does it all.

One of Malekko Heavy Industry's best selling effects pedals is the Omicron Series Tremolo guitar effects pedal. This simple and compact tremolo pedal packs a wallop in terms of volume, and with only two knobs, players can manipulate a signal's volume within a vast spectrum of possibilities. Another popular choice is the Malekko Heavy Industry Plus Ultra 213 Analog Filter Fuzz pedal. With a tone ranging from soaring harmonic madness to crunchy lows, this hand-built pedal is a vintage 60's fuzz that can be as mellow or intense as you'd like.

Some players like a clean sound with a tad of reverb, while others like a pulverizing, ear-splitting overdrive. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes, and whether you're recording in a professional studio or playing a local gig downtown, Malekko Heavy Industry effects are an exceptional addition to any player's setup.