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In the digital age it takes something truly special stand out... especially if it's analog. Blending art and technology to create sounds that others aren't able to, Red Witch is changing the way effects are being produced. Sonically and visually astounding, the pedals found in this section are as unique as they come.

Using only the highest quality parts and, as they put it, "assembled with love" the care Red Witch puts into their gear is second to none. Simple in design, yet eye-catching in appearance, it's what's inside each of these pedals that will impress the most though. From distortion and fuzz to modulation, tremolo harmonizing and reverb, everything you could ever need in a pedal can be found here.

So how are you looking to stand out while playing? If it's with distinct chorus and voice control, consider the top rated Empress Analog Chorus-Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal. From beautifully clean to hypnotizing pitch-bending waves, you're also able to change the velocity, depth and mix of your tone, really defining your sound as your own.

Are you more interested that classic fuzz? Then check out the bestselling Ruby Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal. Featuring a huge range of fuzz that goes from whisper quiet to screamingly loud, this professional-grade pedal was seven years in the making.

If you're searching for something truly special though, take a look at the Synthotron Guitar Effects Pedal. Absolutely stunning in its appearance, it's basically two pedals in one, allowing you to use the synthesizer section and filter section independently or simultaneously. Honestly, it will give you a whole new outlook on how you play.

Passionately putting everything they have into every pedal they put out, Red Witch is in a class all its own. And dedicated to creating only the best effects, they continue to excite with their full analog lineup. So if you're someone who cares about exploring the limits of what they're instrument is capable, Red Witch is definitely for you.