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The best effects units are the ones that real musicians assemble by hand, using only the best parts around. Good news: that's exactly what you can expect from Throne Room Pedals. Each and every one of their stompboxes is designed, built and even painted in their own workshop in Bellingham, Washington. According to their own mission statement, Throne Room aims to bring you top-quality pedals without breaking the bank - and that's just what they've pulled off.

In the Throne Room Pedals effects lineup, you'll find several of the staples that most guitarists and bassists are familiar with, like two different overdrive units as well as their amazing tremolo pedal with a whole buffet of adjustments to choose from. They've also got the Atom Blaster for unbelievable boost levels, the Push To Talk Box for fully-analog A/B XLR switching and the Revelator, a true-bypass distortion pedal that gives you the choice of silicone, germanium or IC tech for all kinds of tonal possibilities.

Of course, not all of Throne Room's effects pedals are so dramatic. If your needs are more subtle, you might be interested in something like the Glory Buffer. A pedal by name only, this is a passive effect that easily takes care of diminishing tone. If you have long cable runs, "tone-sucking" units like volume pedals or a lot of true-bypass effects, chances are good that you're all too well-acquainted with how these can sap the high or low frequencies out of your signal. The Glory Buffer is a plug-and-play solution to get that range back where it belongs.

No matter which Throne Room Pedals effects units are the right ones for you, something you can always count on with them is getting a great piece of boutique hardware. These pedals are built to perform, and it definitely shows from the moment you first plug them into your effects loop.