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Visual Sound is continuously manufacturing state-of-the-art effects pedals for a wide range of musical genres. Over the years, Visual Sound has built a fantastic reputation with top recording artists, and today their effects pedals are used and endorsed by everyone from Aerosmith, to Kings Of Leon, Pete Townshend, the Hives, and the Arctic Monkeys.

A grunge band without heavy overdrive is like a surf-guitarist without tremolo. The fact is, certain musical genres call for specific equipment needs. However, a guitar and amplifier sometimes just isn't enough, which means you need to look for additional ways to create your unique sound. Thankfully, there is no shortage of effects pedals to provide that unique tone you're looking for, and Visual Sound has more than enough options to choose from.

Within the Visual Sound catalog, you'll find an extensive selection of top rated effects, including big sellers like the GarageTone Series Chainsaw distortion pedal. Containing huge low end and just the right amount of mids and highs, this pedal is full of gritty, dynamic crunch and the sound quality is nothing short of superb. Another popular item is the Visual Sound V2 Open Road overdrive pedal. Delivering an organic amp-like tone, this pedal makes single note hits sizzle and open chords grind with extraordinary power.

Guitar effects pedals can be used in all kinds of performing situations, whether you're adding soundscapes to a bridge with phaser effects, or simply trying to add more impact on a solo. Effects pedals are an exceptional addition to any musician's toolbox, and incorporating them into your performance can only make you a more skillful player. Rest assured, Visual Sound effects pedals are crafted by passionate music fans who put a great deal of care into everything they construct, so you can be sure that the pedal you're purchasing will hold up astonishingly well through a lifetime of usage.