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The philosophy behind DR strings is nothing complicated: they're made with the conviction that handmade beats machine-wound every time. It's a belief that's especially important to bass guitar strings, since they're simply larger, and that makes the winding critical to their sound. All of DR's electric bass guitar strings are made by hand in the USA, and the results of this commitment are easy to notice when you hear them in action.

What's even more good news about DR bass strings is that they come in enough variety to offer something for every playing style. That, together with their hand-wound performance, has made them the strings of choice for tons of professional bassists who really value that ability to personalize their sound. To name just a few, some of the legendary artists who rely on DR strings are Adam Clayton, Sting, Geezer Butler and Ian Hill.

Of course, delivering a world-class performance isn't everything about going onstage. You'll also want to look the part, and once again, DR has you covered. To get a really memorable stage presence, you could try a set of DR NEON bass guitar strings. These aren't your everyday colored strings: they're actually UV-reactive, so all you need to do is shine a black light on them and they'll give off an eye-catching glow. There's more than just looks to them, too, since the coating also gives them a smooth, easygoing feel and a much longer lifespan than traditional strings.

If you really want to run with the best, one way to do it is to put the same strings on your instrument that they put on theirs. DR gives you the opportunity with signature strings based on the specifications of bassists like Marcus Miller and Bootsy Collins. Is there any other bassist as unique as Bootsy? It's hard to say, but you're not likely to find strings more unique than his Bootzillas. They're wrapped in stainless steel for a clear, edgy tone, and finished with a barely-there clearcoat to help them last for gig after gig.

Starting out in 1989, DR is far from the oldest maker of electric bass guitar strings - but that didn't stop them from becoming one of the best. Today, they're the benchmark that everyone uses to describe what constitutes a great bass string. Give them a try on your own bass and you won't be disappointed.