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When you think about the electric guitar, it's hard not to think of Fender. Backed by a history filled with legends like the Stratocaster and Telecaster, Fender is easily one of the most influential luthiers in the business. And there's more to them than the instruments alone: an axe wouldn't make much sound without a great set of electric guitar strings, so it's no surprise that Fender has impressive options in this area as well.

Of course, your guitar doesn't have to be a Fender to sound amazing with their strings - but if it is, you've come to the right place for a factory-authentic replacement. Whatever your instrument and preferences, you can certainly do right by this selection of strings. The variety of gauges to choose from is impressive, and the usual materials are present and accounted for: nickel-plated steel, pure nickel and stainless steel.

For classic rock enthusiasts, nickel is definitely the way to go. That's where electric guitar strings started, after all, and sets like the Fender 150JL Originals can take you back to those vintage tones. If you like your sound a little more modern, nickel-plated strings from the 250 series may be more your speed. And when you're looking for the longest-lasting strings around, nothing outlives the stainless steel 350s.

Are you interested in a set of strings designed to meet the standards of one of the world's greatest guitarists? If so, check out the Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Electric Guitar Strings. These are nickel-plated steel, bullet-ended, with custom wrap ratios and gauges specified by Malmsteen himself to deliver the tone and playability he needs when he goes onstage.

If you play a Fender or Squier guitar and you've loved its sound from day one, the best way to keep it sounding just right is to use the same Fender electric guitar strings that it shipped with originally. On top of that, these high-end strings make great upgrades for any other axe in your collection. Playing guitar is all about tone, and Fender's strings are more than ready to deliver it.