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Every guitarist wants to be in possession of an axe that perfect represents their own musical tastes and unique playing style. Of course, owners of Axl electric guitars already know what that feels like. Hand-assembled proudly in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Axl's award winning lineup of exceptionally crafted electric guitars is continuously bringing out the best in strummers and shredders from all over the world.

From creamy 70's classic rockers to ear-splitting metal V's, Axl has an electric guitar to suit every interest. In fact, every Axl electric guitar must go through rigorous field-tests before they even reach your hands. The reason is because Axl guitars are made by musicians for musicians, so making your skills fully realized is not just a job, it's a passion that they take great pride in.

One of Axl's most popular models is the Badwater MJZ electric guitar. Ideal for both studio recording and live performances, this beauty contains a solid alder body, a rock maple neck, and the two scorching-hot alnico P90 picks that ensure it has no shortage of classic rock bite. For metalheads, you'll have concert halls up in flames with the Axl Bloodsport Fireax electric guitar. Featuring two humbuckers, an added single-coil pickup, an angular body and a floating tremolo bridge that's optimal for wailing solos, this blistering axe sounds as threatening as it looks... and it looks vicious.

When you have a guitar that you can identify with, it's making the playing experience all the more enjoyable. Axl understands this, which is why their guitars are so well renowned and respected by musicians. Whether you're a stay-at-home hobbyist who likes to play along to your favorite bands, or a touring professional who needs a reliable axe that holds up in every new town, Axl electric guitars truly are a remarkable choice for any dedicated rocker.