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There have been all kinds of unique and exotic guitar designs over the years, but there's just no replacing that timeless vintage look and feel. Danelectro is well aware of that, and for as long as they've been building guitars, they've been careful to stay true to their classic roots. Today's selection of Danelectro electric guitars is a refreshing throwback to the 1950s and '60s, the era that really gave us rock'n'roll (not to mention the guitar itself) as we know it today. When you're looking for an instrument that's down-to-earth, highly playable and that will never go out of style, Danelectro definitely belongs on your wish list.

The roster of artists who have rocked out with Danelectro includes some of the greats, like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page for instance. It's a list that any guitarist would be honored to join, and you're in the right place to get started. If you like your instruments really classic, you'll want to check out the Danelectro 59 Modified New Old Stock Electric Guitar. Are you a southpaw? If so, no problem: the '59 Original Left-Handed Electric Guitar will give you the same look, feel and sound in an orientation that's made for you.

Maybe you're the kind of guitarist who likes to try your hand at completely unique axes. In that case, be sure to take a look at the Danelectro 12/6 Doubleneck Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with Gig Bag. When you can switch between 6 and 12 strings without even putting down your instrument, gigs get a whole lot more dynamic. You can also go for a straight 12-string model like the 12SDC or the 12 String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar... it's up to you.

Although there are lots of guitars on the market, there's only one Danelectro. Keeping alive the qualities that made "golden age" axes such great instruments, Danelectro electric guitars are a real blast from the past. We mean that in the best possible way: if you want to experience the kind of guitar that made rock music popular in the early days, look no further.