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The Rickenbacker sound is truly something that is incomparable, and the distinct jangly tone of these iconic electric guitars has made them a sought after instrument for artists the world over for more than half a century. With a design that is unforgettable and a rich history in popular music, there’s no denying the beauty of a Rickenbacker. The “Rickenbacker Sound” first came to prominence in the 1960s thanks to a band of young upstarts calling themselves The Beatles. John Lennon played his Rickenbacker 325 Capri during their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Later that year George Harrison’s Rickenbacker was featured prominently on their A Hard Day’s Night LP. Not long after, The Who, The Byrds, and more soon adopted the guitar.

In the late 70s, the sound surged back to prominence with help from Tom Petty and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, whose use of Rickenbacker electric guitars gave their records a memorable sound that helped establish them as classics. Rickenbacker guitars remain prominent today with musicians as diverse as Stevie Van Zandt, Jesse Lacey, Carrie Brownstein, Jay Ferguson, Laura Jane Grace, Robin Zander, Dwight Yokum and more letting the Rickenbacker chime shine through on their records as well as on stage.

Rickenbacker electric guitars come in six and 12-string variations, all of exceptional quality. If you’re interested in a standard six string, check out the 325C64 Miami C Series or the Rickenbacker 330/12. If you’d rather a 12-string, maybe try the 620/12 12-String Guitar or the 81/12V69 Vintage Series 12-String Electric Guitar. Left handed players need not worry, options like the 360 Left-Handed Electric Guitar or the 330 Left-Handed Electric Guitar are designed specifically with lefties in mind. With a Rickenbacker guitar, whichever instrument you choose you can be sure that they’re going to ring out beautifully.

Rickenbackers are simply in a class all their own. Helping to shape the sound of the British Invasion, these guitars are legendary amongst hobbyists and professionals alike. From jam spaces, to the studio, to the stage with the band, Rickenbacker electric guitars will keep your sound singing brilliantly.