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As a leading provider of musical instruments and accessories, Yamaha understands the importance of cymbals in a top-notch drum arrangement. Going beyond the traditional acoustic cymbal, Yamaha offers a line of electronic cymbals to give percussionists even more options and flexibility during their practices and performances. The highly realistic sound of a modern electronic cymbal paired with your drum set closely emulate that of an acoustic.

A novice drummer may wonder what the benefits of an electronic cymbal are. There are several reasons to consider. An electronic drum kit along with cymbals gives you the option to play at a lower volume without sacrificing playing power. This would be a big advantage if you live around other people or are practicing or warming up behind the stage and need to keep noise level to a minimum. These types of drum sets tend to be a bit more compact in size and ideal for smaller locations. As well, you don't need to hit these cymbals quite as hard as an acoustic to get optimal sound, so they tend to have a longer lifespan with less maintenance. A terrific alternative or addition to a traditional acoustic setup, electronic cymbals give added samples and effects for more flexibility for stage performances or practice.

If you're looking to upgrade your drum set with a highly responsive, user-friendly cymbal, the Yamaha PCY155 or PCY135 3-Zone electronic cymbal pads are excellent options. Ideal for live shows, recording and practicing, these cymbals feature an edge, bow and cup zone, letting you recreate the distinctive sounds from different parts of the cymbal. These cymbals are so sensitive to different playing styles, they naturally reproduce different sounds and tones for terrific results.

No drum kit is truly complete without cymbals and electronic options can help to expand your musical horizons, offering more versatility as you perform. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and Yamaha is dedicated to keeping up with the times and providing their customers with fantastic solutions like electronic cymbals.