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Pearl is one of the biggest names in music. The company has been around for nearly 70 years and has become a leader in the percussion industry. How? By maintaining a high standard of design to create drums that deliver the very best sound possible. Another thing that keeps them out in front is that Pearl continues to research and develop new technology and they've come up some pretty innovative gear that responds to the needs of the modern drummer. These revolutionary electronic drums that Pearl manufactures are a prime example of that.

There's no need to give up the look, feel or sound of real drums when you choose an electronic kit from Pearl. For example, you'll see that the ePro Powered by Export Acoustic Electric Drumset looks just like the real deal due to the size of the drums, wood shells and authentic hardware and finish. Also, the rack conveniently expands just in case you ever want to add more drums or cymbals to your configuration.

Wondering what kind of response you'll get from playing on Pearl electronic heads? The ePro drumhead is different because it feels and sounds so real. Pearl has come up with the Tru-Trac electronic head with dual zones that you really need to experience and hear for yourself. These zones are amazing because they reproduce the subtleties that you're accustomed to hearing when you play acoustic drums. You'll notice too that you can easily play from one drum to the next and that's because of the smooth coating that Pearl puts on the heads.

The rich and realistic drum sounds of the ePro are generated by the r.e.d (Real Electronic Drums) module with 128MB RAM capacity that holds 1,000 high definition sounds, 100 hi-def kits and space for 100 kits that you've created. This little red box revolutionizes the way that you play the drums and opens up tons of creative possibilities that you'll have a blast experimenting with.

If you've ever seen video of Motley Crue's Tommy Lee tearing things up during performances on his custom ePro Live Roller Kit, you'll be pretty stoked to try one of these electronic sets from Pearl yourself. Imagine the music you can make with such a versatile tool that combines authenticity and technology so brilliantly. Pearl is definitely keeping it real with their ePro drums.