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There's no substitute for experience and know-how when it comes to building a great set of drums. That's why you can expect great things from Pearl, which has been one of the top drum makers for over 60 years. The Pearl name can be found on stages all over the world, and if you're ready to make the leap to digital, you'll be well-prepared with a set of Pearl electronic drums.

It's true that Pearl's heritage is mostly in acoustic drums, but their electronic options are first-rate all the same. What they've done is to take advantage of their history to develop some amazing hybrid sets. The e-Pro Live series of electronic-acoustic drums is convertible, so you can play those sets whichever way you like. That also means they can do both at the same time: perfect for the stage when you want that acoustic feel and sound with an electronic boost, or to layer in some MIDI effects on top of the acoustic drums.

If you're looking to retrofit your favorite drum set, take a look at the Pearl Tru-Trac Electronic Head Pack and R.E.D. Box ePro. With downloadable kit samples from the likes of Toontrack, Zildjian and Steven Slate Drums, the R.E.D. Box is a highly customizable drum machine. Pair that with the Tru-Trac drum heads, which combine acoustic skins and electronic triggers into one, and you've got a quick and straightforward way to improve the capabilities of any drum set.

There's more to Pearl electronic drums than the instruments themselves, too. One accessory definitely worth checking out is the Throne Thumper. This unit helps you literally feel the beat while you're drumming. Two senses are better than one, after all, and when you can hear and feel the rhythm, your precision is bound to improve.

Electronic drums are more common now than they've ever been, but no one does hybrids quite like Pearl. By combining the acoustic drum head and trigger, they've given drummers an option that completely sidesteps any drawback of standalone triggers. Top it all off with their powerful drum machine and accessories, and you've got some absolutely solid options to choose from.