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As any experienced musician will tell you, one of the best ways to take control of your guitar's tone is by incorporating a Boss equalizer pedal or tone shaping effect into your setup. Equalizers and tone shapers are truly the unsung heroes of effects pedals, and within this section, you'll discover a wide variety to choose from for players of all tastes and skill levels.

Amazingly compact and durable, Boss equalizers are an excellent solution for tweaking and fine tuning your sound, as well as cutting resonant frequencies and getting rid of feedback. Also, for live situations when a rhythm player wants to switch to a lead role, a Boss EQ pedal will provide the mid-boost needed to make a solo cut through in volume.

One of Boss's most popular effects pedals is their GE-7 equalizer pedal. Consisting of 7 bands of EQ in the perfect range for guitar, the Boss GE-7 has incredibly quiet EQ with silent FET switching, and offers 15dB of either cut or boost in each selected range. Another authentic Boss pedal is the AC-3 acoustic simulator. Have you ever been onstage or in the studio with your electric guitar, but wished you brought along an acoustic as well? If so, then the AC-3 is just what you're looking for. With the simple touch of a footswitch, this pedal gives you an instant acoustic guitar effect, which is ideal for musician's who prefer to travel light, or when hauling an extra guitar isn't practical.

Diversifying your guitar tone has never been so quick and easy to do, and much credit can be given to the cutting-edge effects pedal masters at Boss. For over 30 years, Boss has been continuously pushing the envelope of what musicians can do for their sound, and their equalization and tone shaping effects pedals are an effortless way of tapping (literally) into an immense spectrum of tones.