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The creation of Ernie Ball’s Super Slinky series had a major impact on modern rock music. Ernie Ball saw a need to create strings that were super durable, but could also bend and flex as the guitarist saw fit. Previously, musicians struggled with the dense and tense standard strings. Once the Super Slinky series became available the switch was easy and we all got to benefit from the auditory experience of effortless solos and mind-melting guitar playing.
The caliber of artists using the legendary Ernie Ball series strings speaks for itself. Everyone from iconic artists like Paul McCartney and Keith Richards, to modern bands like Paramore and MGMT proudly use these strings. The ‘Super Slinky’ line became wildly popular as musicians could easily perform solos with these flexible and durable strings.
The options available for guitarists now are really impressive. The company went on to specialize this series further, creating strings that were even more customized to playing styles and genres. Options like the 2253 Pure Nickel Electric Strings tout being able to provide you with a smooth vintage tone, while the popular 2223 Nickel Custom Gauge strings feature a really balanced tone. Once you figure out what you’re going for there is a string option that will make you sound great.
The Super Slinky series is not just for guitar players. There are an incredible range of bass strings as well. Bassists who love to solo and slap might try the 2834 Roundwound Strings, while musicians looking for a more subtle sustain would be better off with the 2734 Colbalt Bass Strings. The flexible nature of Super Slinkys definitely makes playing your bass a whole lot easier.
The purpose of Super Slinkys is not only to make it easier on you as a musician but to get the best tone out of your guitar possible. This string series is one of rock n’ roll’s favorite options and one that you hear time and time again, no matter what genre you’re listening to.