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Making its first appearance on the scene in 1949, the ES-175 guitar was designed as a mid-level, more affordable version of the L-5, Gibson's iconic f-hole archtop guitar. The original ES-175's were constructed with an all-laminate construction with one single-coil pickup in the neck position and a carved rosewood bridge. By 1957, ES-175s were being equipped with humbuckers. These models quickly gained popularity among both jazz musicians and rock-heads with jazz backgrounds thanks to their ability to capture that smooth, undeniably rich L-5 sound at a fraction of the cost.

One of the best things about this section of ES-175 guitars (besides the guitars themselves) is that you'll find guitars here for a variety of skill levels and budgets. The Epiphone ES-175 Premium Hollowbody Electric Guitar is a prime example of a professional, vintage-inspired guitar that's available at a decent price. True to the historic ES-175 design, this hollowbody features a traditional laminated maple body with single ply binding with a vintage-inspired "aged" lacquer finish topped off with a 3-ply black and white pickguard. Two Gibson USA 57 Classic humbucker pickups that recreate the wide tonal range and incredible sensitivity of the ES-175's original PAF-style pickups make this Epiphone model a must-have for serious musicians and collectors alike.

If you've got more wiggle room in your budget, you owe it to yourself to check out a couple of guitars from the private reserve collection, guitars like the Gibson 2015 1959 ES-175D Hollowbody Electric Guitar. An accurate reproduction of the ES-175 that set the standard, this high-end guitar has dual PAF-style pickups, a rounded 'C' playing feel, authentic archtop tones and vintage-correct '59 looks. New updates for 2015 include a rolled neck binding that's comfortably rounded off and quartered Adirondack spruce braces that bring this beauty one step closer to vintage ES tonality.

There are quite a few more guitars here to see, so we suggest you dive right into this selection to discover which ES-175 guitar is the perfect match to your musical style. No matter which guitar you ultimately choose, you can be sure that the one you bring home is an extremely well-made instrument that truly represents decades of Gibson design and expertise.