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Guitar designs may come and go over the years, but some are destined to endure - and no matter how many decades pass, there's just nothing else quite like a classic Gibson. Case in point: the Gibson ES-345. Dating back to 1959, this instrument is like a souped-up version of the ES-335. They're similar in just about every way, but the ES-345 added a "VariTone" rotary dial that allowed guitarists to dial in extra tonal tweaks for more control over their sound. Plus, they were among the first guitars wired in stereo. Today's ES-345 guitars are keeping the tradition alive with the same timeless look, feel and tone, as well as the continued inclusion of the "VariTone" dial that B.B. King described as "the Magic Switch."

For an example of what the ES-345 has to offer, look no further than the Gibson 2015 1964 ES-345 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar in Historic Burst. Decked out with vintage-correct hardware and appointments, it delivers classic tone from a pair of PAF-style MHS humbuckers. The 1964 rounded-'C' neck shape makes it feel as beautiful as it looks, while its quartered Adirondack spruce braces are a throwback to its 1960s heyday. The frets of the Historic Burst model are medium, but if you'd prefer jumbo frets, you're not out of luck: just take a look at the Gibson 1964 ES-345 VOS Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar in Sea Foam Green instead. Apart from the eye-popping color, the biggest change is the expanded frets for those of us who like a little extra width.

Not many guitars can claim to have the same kind of legendary status as the Gibson ES series, and with the addition of the VariTone selector, these ES-345 guitars take things a step further than even their ES-335 relatives. If you're looking for a semi-hollowbody that looks, feels and sounds like it came straight out of the '60s into your jam room, then an ES-345 is perfectly qualified to fit the bill. And with an instrument like this in your hands, there's no telling how far its potential will take you.