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Euphonium Stands

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In order to improve your euphonium performance, you have to practice as often as you can. For this reason, no euphonium player should be expected to store their instrument away in a case when they're not hitting the concert stage. This is why euphonium stands are essential accessories for any euphonium player to own. Take a look through this catalog and you'll find euphonium stands that are compact, solidly built and more than capable of supporting your euphonium when it's out of your hands.

If you're buying a euphonium stand for someone else, you might be wondering why there are stands in this catalog that are labeled "baritone horn stands". While euphoniums and baritone horns differ slightly in their construction, these stands can be easily adjusted to fit both brass instruments depending on the model you own. For a perfect example, take a closer look at the K&M 14941 Baritone Horn-Euphonium Stand. Anyone who is familiar with Konig & Meyer instrument stands will tell you that they're some of the finest in the world, and this baritone horn-euphonium stand is no exception. This stand is made of steel and boasts a black powder-coating that looks professional and protects your brass instrument's delicate finish. Additionally, it has an improved "big bottom" with a non-marring material that's kind to your bell.

If you still don't own a euphonium stand, there's no better time than now to grab one. Not only is a euphonium stand ideal for showing off your musical instrument to visitors, but keeping your euphonium in clear sight is a great way to remind yourself to play it as much as possible. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran of the stage or a stay-at-home hobbyist, you need to own a euphonium stand - it's that simple. So without further hesitation, make your choice!