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About Fargen Amps:

No one else knows amplifiers quite like Ben Fargen. He's even been described by guitarists as a wizard, because there's something almost magical about what he can do with electronics. But beneath all that skill is a simple philosophy: mixing modern technology with vintage cues to create amps that look as amazing as they sound. Although Fargen Amps was founded in 1998, you could easily be forgiven for mistaking one of these cabs, heads or combos for a genuine vintage article. The truth is that Fargen has done such a great job with their design and construction that they might as well have come from the 1960s in a time machine.

When Ben Fargen started his company, he wasn't shy about his goals: he wanted to outdo all the competition. It's as simple as that, and all it takes is a simple listen to his creations to know that he's making it happen. If you've heard tunes played on the Fargen Amps Jazz Custom SE Guitar Combo Amplifier or had the pleasure of witnessing the Townhouse 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet in action, then you'll understand what we mean. And that's not even mentioning Fargen's flagship amp heads, like the Mini Plex MKII, Olde 800 MKII or the exceptional FMICPH Micro Plex 5W Tube Guitar Head, which gives you a choice between six different power tubes for complete customization and control.

If you want something really special, you've got to check out some of Fargen's exclusively-licensed John Lennon models. For example, there's the Fargen Amps FJLA1 John Lennon Limited Edition Artist 15W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo featuring the iconic Lennon sketch. Or go for a minimalist approach with the FJLI John Lennon Limited Edition 1W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo, which is solid white except for the elegant, low-key print of Lennon's signature.

The honor of building amplifiers dedicated to a musician as legendary as John Lennon can only go to a craftsman who is, himself, a legend of amp design. That's Ben Fargen, and he's more than earned the right to immortalize the Beatle through sound and style. Whether you reserve a Lennon edition for your own or choose any of the classic Fargen Amps models, you're always making a fantastic choice with these absolutely premium boutique amplifiers.