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To design the American Original Series, Fender's goal was to find "best-of-the-decade" features for their most popular instruments of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. It wasn't simple to create new versions of the beloved Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars, and the Jazz Bass and Precision Bass. Capturing the right vibe and feel would not be easy. as vintage Fender specs changed quickly. With the accuracy of modern manufacturing, the American Original Series instruments are incredibly playable, while remaining true to the spirit of the originals. From period-correct hardware, thin "nitro" finishes and accurate electronics to modern playing feel, they are the ultimate melding of vintage and modern.

The American Original lineup presents ten models, led by the '50s and '60s Stratocaster. The '50s Stratocaster features an alder body, 21-fret maple neck in classic soft-V profile, a modern 9.5" fingerboard radius and vintage tall frets on the maple fretboard for ease of playing. Wax-potted Pure Vintage '59 single-coil pickups that are accurate to the originals, from the alnico V magnets right down to the Formvar enamel-coated coil wire and cloth insulation, with a modern 5-way blade switch for tonal versatility comprise the electronics. The final hardware touches are a 1-ply pickguard and control knobs in classic eggshell, Pure Vintage Fender Deluxe tuners and 6-saddle synchronized tremolo bridge. The '60s Strat updates to period-inspired Pure Vintage '65 Gray-Bottom pickups and a round-laminated rosewood fretboard, as well as a 3-ply mint green pickguard and aged white knobs.

The Telecaster models show the same attention to detail. The '50s Tele has an ash body and '52 U-shape maple neck while the 21-fret maple fretboard features the same comfortable, modern 9.5" radius and Vintage Tall frets. The Pure Vintage '52 pickups also maintain the accuracy of fiber bobbins, enamel-coated coil wire, cloth-covered output wires and alnico III magnets. Cosmetically, it boasts a 1-ply phenolic pickguard and knurled-dome control knobs, as well as a classic Tele "ashtray" bridge with three brass barrel saddles and Pure Vintage Deluxe tuners. The '60s Telecaster follows the more extensive changes that guitar experienced with the new decade. Updated to a double-bound alder body, rosewood fretboard on a C-shape neck and 3-ply eggshell pickguard, this Tele also displays the warm, fat sound of Pure Vintage '64 pickups with flush, rather than staggered, pole pieces and a copper-plated steel base plate.

Both the Jazzmaster and short-scale Jaguar, with their iconic offset body styles, have found homes over the years in musical styles from surf to punk and alternative. Both the '60s models share the now-classic floating tremolo with lock button and push-in arm, along with alder bodies and round-laminated rosewood-topped maple necks. The 24" scale Jaguar features the original pickup switching options, including the bass-cut "strangle" switch, for a wide range of tonal variations. The 25.5" scale Jazzmaster has the simplicity of a 3-position toggle for faithful recreation of its voice and style.

The two basses in the American Original Series span three decades, with the Precision Bass being represented by '50s and '60s models, and the Jazz Bass being represented by '60s and '70s versions. The '50s Precision model recreates the vibe of a mid-to-late 1950s with the anodized aluminum pickguard with knurled dome knobs, Pure Vintage '58 split-coil P Bass pickup and steel-saddle bridge on an alder body and thick "C"-shaped maple-on-maple neck. The updated 9.5" fretboard radius updates the playability without detracting from the vintage look and feel. The '60s version updates the fretboard to a rounded-laminate rosewood and the pickguard to classic four-ply brown shell with knurled flat-top control knobs for classic looks. The pickups are changed to a Pure Vintage '63 split-coil. Both feature thin lacquer finishes so the wood will age the same way as vintage instruments did.

Finally, the American Original Jazz Bass models encompass the 1960s and 1970s. Intended to be Fender's flagship bass when first released in 1960, the Jazz Bass brought a whole new sound with its slender neck and pair of single-coil pickups. The '60s model captures that vibe perfectly, with Pure Vintage '64 Jazz Bass pickups that, like all the pickups for the American Original collection, feature period-accurate materials and details. With a resonant laquer-finished alder body, 4-ply brown shell pickguard and black plastic control knobs, the looks are dead on. The updated 9.5" radius, round-laminated rosewood fretboard on the maple neck provides smooth, fast playability, whatever your style. The '70s Jazz Bass gets all the details right, too, switching to a urethane-finished ash body with maple-on-maple neck, "F"-stamped tuners and a 4-saddle Pure Vintage '70s bridge with single-groove steel saddles. The Pure Vintage '74 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups provide the classic growl and bite of the originals, for the final touch of vintage cool.