Fender American Professional Guitars and Basses

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If you're looking for the quintessential, all-American instrument, you'll find it in the Fender American Standard series (hence the name). But maybe you're the type to take things up a notch, without having to jump all the way up to the custom shop or collector price range? In that case, you'll like the new Fender American Professional guitars and basses. These instruments take their inspiration from their American Standard siblings, but pile on a variety of upgrades to make them even better - and that's saying something. It shouldn't come as a surprise to see that Fender had something up their sleeve, because they always do, but you might just be amazed by what's on display here.

Naturally, the first question that comes to mind is what puts the Fender American Pro instruments a step ahead, and there are a few answers. For starters, this Fender professional series brings a few changes on and around the neck, which moves from a modern 'C' shape to a new "deep C" and replaces the medium jumbo frets with narrow-tall ones. There's also a genuine bone nut in lieu of synthetic, sitting opposite a tweaked version of the American Standard 2-point bridge with a pop-in arm added. And in between, you'll find brand-new V-Mod and Shawbucker pickups to push the tonal envelope just that much further.

For the guitarist, there are American Professional guitars for you no matter which Fender design is your favorite. Check out the American Professional Jazzmaster and American Professional Telecaster if you're into the classics, or if you'd rather go to the gold standard with a Strat, you've got a few pickup layout options including HH and HSS, so you can customize your sound however you like. There's about as much variety to tempt you if you're a bassist, with a well-rounded lineup of American Professional basses offering the P-Bass and Jazz Bass in fretted, fretless, right and left-handed versions to hook you up with just what you need. And whichever you pick, it even comes in an upgraded case so you'll be all set to take it to every gig.