Fender American Vintage

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The Fender American Vintage Series recreates the legendary electric guitars and basses that first established Fender's legacy and helped sustain it for over sixty years. No mere reissues, every detail of these instruments has been painstakingly researched by thoroughly inspecting the original blueprints and dissecting priceless vintage instruments, then faithfully reproduced using the same materials, tools and production methods whenever possible. The result is a series of incredible guitars and basses that deliver all the power, glory and playability of the original vintage classics, but without the astronomical auction-house prices. Whether your particular object of desire is an early Telecaster; mid-60's Stratocaster, Jaguar or Jazzmaster; or you covet the classic thump of a vintage Precision or Jazz Bass, Fender has you covered. For instance, the Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster harkens back to the very earliest days of Fender's rise to prominence, featuring a premium ash body and U-shaped maple neck with 7.25 radius fingerboard and vintage-style frets, two American Vintage Tele single-coil pickups, and other period-correct touches like the vintage-style three-tree brass bridge saddle, and original Tele wiring circuit with 3-position pickup switch. As a bonus, an updated six-saddle bridge and modern wiring kit are included with the case candy! The '58 Telecaster is a study in the evolution of the model, sporting a "D"-shaped neck, staggered pole magnets for the bridge pickup, and solid steel "barrel" bridge saddles - and don't forget the top-hat switch tip! The '64 Telecaster continues the evolutionary march from Fender's first pre-CBS glory days, with a sleek C-neck profile with rosewood fingerboard and period-correct 8-hole 3-ply pickguard. If Strats are your thing, the American Vintage Series offers a striking '56 Stratocaster, with a soft-V maple neck with rolled edges and vintage-accurate single-coil pickups; the '59 Stratocaster, available in early- or late-model-year versions, with slim-profile D-shaped neck, faded plastic knobs, and period-correct finishes; and the '65 Stratocaster, with rounded C-neck profile and enamel-covered pickup wire. Fender Jag fans will love the American Vintage'65 Jaguar's dual-circuit layout with multiple switching options, shorter scale length, and vintage-style floating tremolo/whammy bar, for that classic Jaguar jangle. The '65 Jazzmaster also boasts a vintage-style floating tremolo and dual-circuit layout, with a mid-60's neck profile and period-correct pickups. For the rhythm section, Fender offers exquisite American Vintage P-Bass and Jazz Bass models, like the '58 P-Bass, with its super-cool gold anodized aluminum pickguard and thunderously authentic split single-coil pickup; the '63 P-Bass, with a slightly wider C-shaped neck and rounded fingerboard with '63 P-Bass pickup; and the '64 Jazz Bass and '74 Jazz Bass models, each with period-correct necks, finishes, string spacings, and year-specific pickups. Fender even offers tasty morsels like the semi-hollow American Vintage '69 Telecaster Thinline; or the FSR (Fender Special Run) American Vintage '72 Telecaster Thinline with meaty, twin humbucking dual-coil pickups; or souped-up axes like the American Vintage Hot Rod '57 Stratocaster, with medium-jumbo frets and updated scorching-hot pickups. Many American Vintage models are available in left- or right-handed configurations, so either way you swing, you can grab a meticulously-crafted re-creation of a classic Fender axe, at a price that won't require a second mortgage on the family estate. Check out the Fender American Vintage Series and stake your claim in history!