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The Fender Stratocaster is one of the defining instruments of the country and rock genres, as well as having a solid presence in plenty of other styles of music. The very first Stratocaster was designed and built in 1954, and the series have been prized instruments of countless guitarists ever since. Today, Fender's finest Stratocasters are made by its team of master builders in the custom shop. Every master built Stratocaster is meticulously handmade. Known for their attention to detail and workmanship, these guitars are some of the most beautiful Strats you'll find on the market. These master built instruments are perfect if you're a pro or enthusiast looking for that unmistakable old-school sound, since they're built with vintage tremolo bridges, tuners and pickups to bring them in line with the original Stratocasters that made this guitar so popular in the 1950s and '60s.

Dale Wilson is the most prolific craftsman in the lineup, and his work shows a love for that early Stratocaster era. Coming from a long line of woodworking talent, Wilson has been with Fender since 2003, started in the custom shop in 2005, and became a master builder in 2011. His builds use a variety of tonewoods, so you can have your choice of maple, alder, ash or mahogany along with his beloved vintage hardware and hand-wound pickups.

Other featured builders are Dennis Galuszka, a self-taught drummer who spent 13 years honing his woodworking skills as a cabinetmaker before joining Fender's custom shop team, and Greg Fessler, a veteran of the Robben Ford signature line with the honor of having been Ford's personal builder. Galuszka and Fessler each have colorful histories building for jazz and blues headliners, and their workbenches have produced Stratocasters ideal for lovers of alder and ash.

No matter which master builder's work appeals to you the most, you can be sure that you're getting an amazing instrument with a Fender master built Stratocaster. These guitars have everything that makes the Strat so good in the first place, made even better by the personal touch of the talented craftsmen who make them.