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About Fender Player Guitars & Basses

The Fender Player Series was launched in June 2018. It replaced the Fender Standard Series, or MIM Standard (MIM stands for Made in Mexico). Now Fender’s most affordable, and soon to be most popular guitars and basses, Player Series instruments offer slightly upgraded features. This includes a more vintage-inspired body shape and color selection, and a more comfortable, modern neck feel. They're perfect for experienced players who need a less expensive Fender guitar that will last for many years. Fender Player Series guitars are also a welcomed treat for new players. Each Player Series instrument offers authentic Fender design and sound for the next generation of guitar and bass players. Fender Player Series guitars and basses have improved features and playability over Fender Standard Series. The list of Fender Player Series guitars include the Fender Player Series Stratocaster, Fender Player Series Telecaster, Fender Player Series Jaguar and Fender Player Series Jazzmaster. The list of Fender Player Series basses includes the Fender Player Series Jaguar Bass, Fender Player Series Jazz Bass and Fender Player Series Precision Bass.

Fender Player Series MIM guitars & basses are available in a variety of vintage-inspired color options. The Fender Player Series Stratocaster, Telecaster, P Bass and J Bass are available with either a maple or pau ferro fingerboard. For brightness and attack, look for Fender Player Series guitars with a maple fretboard. For warmer tone, choose a Fender Player Series instrument with a pau ferro fretboard. The Player Series Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars are available with a pau ferro fretboard. Each Player Series guitar and bass comes in your choice of a variety of vintage-inspired color options. There’s also a Player Series Plus Top Strat and Tele option available for guitarists who prefer to see wood grain through the finish.

Fender has always found ways to make their guitars and basses affordable to more musicians. That's why the Fender MIM Standard guitars were so popular, and that's why you'll love Fender Standard Series guitars and basses. For guitar players and bassists just starting out, Fender Player Series will serve them well for many years to come. The Player Series is also worthy of respect from experienced musicians. For traveling or rigorous live performance, Fender Player Series guitars and basses deliver. And the prices sure have a nice ring to them. Claim a Fender Player Series guitar or bass for yourself today.