Fender Player Telecaster

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About Fender Player Telecaster Guitars:

Released in June 2018, the Fender Player Telecaster replaces the popular Fender Standard Telecaster. Made in Mexico, the Player Series Telecaster offers slightly upgraded features and enhanced playability. The Fender Player Telecaster is built to be a professional guitarist's workhorse. Yet, it's priced to make it accessible for even more guitar players of all levels. If you are looking for a travel or performance guitar that will take years of abuse and deliver night after night, definitely consider the Fender Standard Telecaster.

Bold, innovative and rugged, the Fender Player Telecaster is pure Fender, through and through. The feel, the style and, most importantly, the sound. They are all there, waiting for you to make them whisper or wail for your music. Versatile enough to handle almost anything you can create and durable enough to survive any gig, the workhorse Fender Player Telecaster is a trusty sidekick for your musical vision. Respecting Fender’s heritage while maintaining an innovative spirit, the pair of Player Series single-coil Telecaster pickups are crisp and articulate. The Fender Player Telecaster is also available with two humbuckers. With either the Fender Player single-coil or humbucker pickup option, you'll get authentic Fender tone with a modern edge. The Fender Player Tele is available with your choice of a maple or pau ferro fingerboard. Choose the Fender Player Telecaster with maple fretboard for crisp tone with some bite for your Tele twang. Or, choose the Fender Player Tele with a pau ferro fingerboard for a naturally warmer, softer attack. The Fender Player Telecaster is available in a variety of vintage-inspired colors.

The Fender Player Telecaster has the popular Modern C-shaped maple neck, comfortable contours and smooth finish ideal for almost any playing style. With the Player Telecaster’s 22nd medium jumbo fret on its contemporary 9.5 in.-radius fingerboard, it is easier to express yourself musically. To enhance the traditional twang and bite of a Telecaster, Fender added bent-steel saddles to the Player Tele’s string-through-body bridge. This gives you precise intonation and helps your sound cut through the mix. You will have sustain until the sun burns out. Other Fender Player Telecaster features include master volume and tone controls, a 3-way pickup switch with barrel tip, 3-ply pickguard, synthetic bone nut, dual-wing string tree, sealed tuning machines and four-bolt “F”-stamped neck plate. The Fender Player Tele is the real deal. When you need a guitar that will take everything you throw at it, stand up, dust itself off and ask for more, reach for the Fender Player Telecaster.