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From the rolling hills of Scotland to the lively streets of New Orleans and the steep slopes of Northeastern Brazil, the fiddle's influence on modern music bridges continents. In fact, it plays an integral role in defining the sound of countless genres, including classical, Forró, Irish folk and Cajun music. Since the early 16th century, an extensive range of music has been composed for the fiddle, which also means that you'll find a wide selection of tablature for the instrument. In this section alone, you'll find fiddle tablature to help you improve you technique and even songbooks that contain old-time American classics.

So what fiddle tablature book is right for you? That depends on how long you've been playing, and what songs you'd like to learn. As always, starting with the best sellers is a great way to kick off your search, and the Creative Concepts Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys - Greatest Hits (Songbook) is ideal for any fiddler who's a fan of the Kings of Western Swing. This book collects the sheet music, chords and lyrics for 46 hit songs and includes a huge photo section of the Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys band from over the years. From "All Night Long" to "Miss Molly" to "Oklahoma Hills", all the classics are here.

Or, if you're looking for tablature to strengthen your technique, check out the popular-selling Mel Bay Killer Technique: Fiddle book. Perfect for any skill level, these exercises were created to reinforce fundamental playing movements, improve coordination between the hands and enhance your playing speed, accuracy and control. While you're at it, take a look at the Mel Bay Fiddle Scale Chart. Featuring visual diagrams that offer you a clear understanding of how to play many essential scales, the Fiddle Scale Chart is a short and handy resource that's jam-packed with useful advice and information.

And your options certainly don't stop there, so try to spend time in these pages. Like any instrument, learning how to play the fiddle is a lot easier when you have a diverse range of source materials to sharpen your skills with. In other words, feel free to stock up on as much fiddle tablature as possible - doing so can only make you a more well-versed player.