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The powerful low-end punch of a floor tom makes a welcoming addition to any drum kit, and many experienced percussionists agree that Yamaha floor toms are amongst the best. Since 1967, Yamaha has been specializing in a wide range of drums for every taste and playing style, and their floor toms are certainly no exception. In fact, this catalog is loaded with both custom birch and oak floor toms, so you'll have no problem finding a perfect model to help you enhance your drum performance.

Floor toms have played an important role in popular music for many decades. Today, you'd be hard-pressed to find a drummer that doesn't use a floor tom, and Yamaha floor toms are renowned for their durability and mighty sound. For example, check out the Stage Custom birch floor tom. Crafted from 100% birch and featuring 1.5mm steel triple-flange hoops, this 16x5 floor tom is available in four different colors. Overall, the Stage Custom birch floor tom has a rumble and resonation that puts it in a class of its own.

Yamaha is also well-known for their oak floor toms, and this section has an impressive variety to choose from, including the Live Custom oak floor tom. Fitted with low-mass oval-shaped lugs that easily attach to its shell, this floor tom looks stunning, and its incredible attack is everything you'd expect from a floor tom that's crafted from 100% oak.

No modern drum kit is complete without a high-quality floor tom. They're one of the most recognizable parts of a drummer's kit in both sound and appearance, and the one you go with should be more than capable of holding up through countless beatings. Thankfully, Yamaha floor toms are constructed by a passionate team of experts who are happy to know that your musical potential is realized every time you sit on your drum throne.