Floor Toms

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No one should underestimate the impact a powerful floor tom can bring to a kit. The extra low tone adds a round feel to your musical styling, layering above your bass drum to create a complete sound. It takes little effort to play but can pack a major punch. Made popular by the legendary Gene Krupa in the ‘Big Band' era of the 1950s, the floor tom has been touted as the deepest tonal color in a traditional drum set. Audiences everywhere were astounded at the impact this newly incorporated drum could make to the drummer's fills and stylings. The range of pitch offered can also be fully customizable. Whether you're looking to stock your kit to make your fills truly original or are just wanting to round out your set with an extra option, you can add or subtract to your liking. Your kit will feel complete with the full sound of a floor tom. An array of wood choices available can make your sound even more diverse. Birch, maple and mahogany all bring you their own signature reverb. For the drummer desiring a prime bottom-end punch the mahogany is your match. What about a sharp and crisp reverb? Try birch. Maple brings you the best of both worlds with warm middle ground pitch. There is literally something for everyone. Making sure your hardware needs are met is just as important as the wooden construction. The low resonant and batter heads reverberate beautifully with a floor tom and provide you with the tension you need to define your signature tone. Light taps and powerful thuds sound tight with a carefully crafted floor tom. Fully adjustably tension rods also give you a more customized experience. Even with lots of use you are able to recalibrate and dictate just how tight you want your tone to be. Where you play is crucial when you are looking for the perfect floor tom. Are you jamming in your garage or heading out on tour? A softer sound may be useful when you are in tight quarters, while the robust attack is more effective for loud venues. Creating a sound that is all your own is a major benefit of adding in an extra floor tom. When the melody ceases and it's your turn to stand out, you'll want your fill to be as perfectly executed as possible.