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Flute & Piccolo Cases & Gig Bags

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All musical instruments need to be taken care of to continue playing smoothly and sounding great, but that especially applies to woodwind instruments due to their fragile nature. When it comes to flutes and piccolos, one of the easiest ways to maintain their quality is to store them in cases or gig bags in between practices and performances. In fact, flute and piccolo cases and gig bags will shield your instrument from dings, dust and even sudden changes in temperature (which can have a huge impact on your instrument's pitch and playability).

Any one of the flute and piccolo cases and gig bags in this section would provide your instrument with plenty of protection. After all, we each have our own tastes, preferences and budgets, and the right one for you will ultimately boil down to those factors. For example, the Allora Flute Gig Bag is a durable and affordable flute bag that has a tough nylon exterior, padded interior, two front compartments, a top handle and an adjustable clip-on shoulder strap.

Now for those who are looking for a case that's as glamorous as it is convenient, check out the Fluterscooter New York Glam Couture Case Cover. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, this top-rated case comes in your choice of thick black or silver patent leather, features a plush white shearing interior and it's also water-resistant. Another best seller is the Protec Slimline Flute PRO PACK Case. This lightweight case accommodates both B and C foot flutes. It comes in a variety of colors, boasts an interior accessory compartment, I.D. tag, built-in organizer and nickel-plated hardware.

And your flute/piccolo case and gig bag choices just keep going from there. With a little effort, you're bound to come across the perfect case or gig bag if you stick to this catalog, so check out the rest of your options whenever you're ready. Whether you're a member of a touring concert ensemble or a hobbyist who never leaves home without your instrument, the flute and piccolo case or gig bag for you is definitely in this section.