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Originally founded in 1948, Gemeinhardt has been the world's leading maker of flutes and piccolos for nearly 70 years. In the early days, Gemeinhardt made only exclusive handcrafted flutes for professional flutists, but eventually the catalog was expanded with instruments for musicians at all skill levels. Today, the Gemeinhardt repertoire is just as varied, meaning that there is a flute or piccolo perfect for you whether you're a novice player or a seasoned pro. For the beginner, look into an instrument like the Gemeinhardt 2SP Series Student Flute or Model 4P Piccolo. These are both very student-friendly, with durable construction that's ready to handle frequent handling as they're packed up and unpacked for regular lessons and practice. Smooth, pliant key actions make the 2SP flute and 4P piccolo a joy to play and a natural-feeling way to develop fundamental skills and technique.

Flute players that are ready for a more advanced instrument can move on to something like the Model 3SH Intermediate Flute. This instrument features open hole-style keys and a solid silver J1 head joint for a warm sound and great projection. Moving up to the professional level brings you amazing flutes such as the 33SB series for flutists who prefer an open-hole design and the 23SSB for those who prefer closed. These premium flutes use solid silver bodies for superior tone and white gold springs that make the keys feel truly fluid.

If, on the other hand, you're searching for a piccolo in the Gemeinhardt lineup, you'll want to give extra attention to the Roy Seaman series. The signature model is a fantastic choice for professionals, made from real grenadilla wood with solid silver keys. For situations when you need outstanding resistance to humidity and temperature - marching bands, for example - consider the Roy Seaman Storm piccolo instead. Its synthetic material is very resilient and delivers sound that easily competes with fine wood piccolos.

No matter what you're looking for in a flute or piccolo, Gemeinhardt is more than qualified to provide it. There's a reason why they've grown to be the biggest manufacturer of these instruments: they know how to build them, and build them well.