Yamaha Flutes

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Flutes are one of the oldest musical instruments known to man, going back thousands of years. With their soft, soothing tone and relative ease of use, they are seen around the globe in professional orchestras, school bands and even occasionally in rock shows. Yamaha offers a variety of exceptionally constructed student and intermediate flutes to suit virtually any playing level. As with any Yamaha instrument, these flutes offer top of the line craftsmanship, flawless playability and crystal clear sound.

As you begin searching for the perfect instrument, consider your skill levels and personal goals. If you are just starting out or plan to join a school band, a student flute with easier tuning and simple press keys would be ideal. These types of Yamaha flutes are often made of easy-care, dent-resistant nickel silver for added longevity. They still produce a warm, pleasing tone, but are extra durable to resist bending at the posts. For example, the YFL-221 Student flute offers a rich, open sound with straightforward playability, along with clear body markings for proper positioning.

Perhaps you've been playing for a while and are considering upgrading your instrument but aren't quite ready for a professional grade flute. In that case, an intermediate flute would be an excellent choice. Made of solid silver, the ergonomically designed YFL-461 and YFL-361 Series are perfect for an advanced student or band member. Hand-assembled keys offer excellent touch and balance, with sensitive response and intonation, along with a quieter action and lighter touch for a natural feel while playing

Yamaha prides itself on providing flutes which seamlessly blend creative artistry and technical perfection. Like all their products, Yamaha flutes are among the best options on the market today. A wonderful beginner instrument and an integral part of any orchestra, the flute is a beautiful option to unleash your unlimited musical potential.