Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Harmonica

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A historic collaboration: Two industry legends team up for signature harp. Now at an incredible price!

Premier harmonica maker Hohner and rock icon Bob Dylan collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind signature harp package. Dylan is widely recognized for playing guitar with a harmonica hanging from a holder near his lips. This harmonica comes beautifully packaged, a true collectors piece that any Dylan fan will treasure. And its a top quality harmonica that any player will appreciate for its sound and responsiveness.

Hohner's collaboration with Bob Dylan naturally led to the development of a next-generation harmonica. The Dylan signature harmonica has enhanced sonic versatility and produces both uncharacteristically warm tones and a recognizable brightness resulting in great expressiveness.

Working hard to achieve the standard that Bob Dylan represents, Hohner uses a gold-plated reed plate on this 20-reed diatonic harmonica to meet Dylans specific sonic requirements. The harp has a select wood comb and stainless steel covers with Bob Dylan's signature engraved into the top. The Dylan Signature Series harmonica is tuned to the key of C.

Hohner presents the exceptional signature Bob Dylan harmonica in a special presentation box that holds both the harp and a special, molded carrying case. The case and the box are decorated with a unique eyeball and crown design created by Dylan himself, and the inside of the box features a timeless Dylan image by famed rock photographer Daniel Kramer, which is exclusive to this harmonica project.


  • Designed by Bob Dylan and Hohner
  • Key of C
  • Wood comb
  • Chrome plates
  • Gold-plated reed plate
  • Upper plate features engraved autograph of artist
  • 20 reeds
  • Comes with molded traveling case
  • Special designed eyeball/crown art on both presentation box cover and traveling case cover
  • Presentation box has magnetic clasp
  • Daniel Kramer photograph with facsimile Dylan autograph adorns inside top cover of box