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Who doesn't love the ukulele? No one. It's the big little instrument that's always fun to play and listen to, and it's fantastic for beginner musicians as well. Kohala folk and traditional instruments are great examples of what the humble uke can be, ranging from novice-friendly affordable options to higher-end professional instruments. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that any ukulele chosen from this section is built to be played, and played often. From classroom to campfire to concert, they're instruments that are always right at home.

Are you looking for your first ukulele, or a classroom model for a budding young musician? If so, you should start by checking out the Kohala KG-S Soprano Ukulele. The soprano size is often called a "standard" ukulele, because it's the most common and traditional variety. And with its eye-catching finishes, the KG-S gives you that classic look and sound in a way that still manages to stand out. Of course, if you'd prefer a more subtle model, you can find that as well in the Kohala Exclusive Soprano Ukulele. Both of these ukes are very affordable, so they're perfect for beginners.

But if you're not a beginner, you'll probably be more interested in some of the other ukuleles that Kohala has to offer. Take a look at the Rainbow Series Concert Ukulele, for instance. Using the bigger, more powerful concert shape, this uke is well-suited to the stage. Want to go even larger than that? No problem: the KO-T Kine'O Tenor Ukulele is just one example of how you can size up. Tenor ukes can really put on a show, and Kohala has a few to choose from.

The truth is that Kohala folk and traditional instruments give you a wide range of options as to how close you want to stick to those traditions. Go with something like the Akamai Series Soprano Ukulele if you'd like a classic, or do things your own way with a pack of permanent markers and the Kohala Soprano Ukulele with Markable Surface. It's up to you, and that's exactly the way it should be with these fun and laid-back instruments.