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When you're looking for an instrument, it can be a bit daunting to see all the different brands there are to choose from. Narrowing down your options is an art form, and it starts by knowing each manufacturer's specialty. With Rogue, that's accessibility. Their instruments are super affordable and easy to play, which makes them perfect for beginners as well as experienced musicians searching for an economical "daily driver." If you're looking for something that's well-built on any budget, go ahead and take your pick from this lineup of Rogue folk & traditional instruments.

Since Rogue is so devoted to learning musicians, it's no surprise that a good share of their selection is made up of starter kits and educational packages. Want to get in on the ground level of good ol' southern finger-picking? Take a look at the Rogue Learn the Banjo Starter Pack. It comes with a banjo, gig bag and some really handy guides that will help you pick up this challenging instrument. Maybe you're looking for a more Latin-influenced sound and style? The Learn-the-Mandolin Package and Rogue Mandolin Starter Kit are worth a close look. And, if you're a music teacher with a whole classroom to equip, be sure not to miss the Rogue Ukulele Starter Pack; with 10 instruments, it's a big help to any music education program.

Alongside their packaged sets, Rogue offers plenty of individual instruments as well. There are classics like the Rogue Baritone Ukulele and Classic Spider Resonator, and if you want to take a step further on the 'unique' side of things, check out the RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar or Rogue 6-String Banjo. Lap steel guitars are really one-of-a-kind instruments, and Rogue's model even comes with an included stand and gig bag. The 6-string banjo, on the other hand, is something that you could call a hybrid: it combines a banjo's sound with a guitar's playability to give you the best of both instruments.

There aren't many styles of music that can match folk for character and warmth. Its melodies and lyrics come straight from the heart, and that means it takes an expressive instrument to do it justice. Thankfully, Rogue folk & traditional instruments are more than ready to handle that... all without emptying your bank account.