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Gig Bags for Classical Guitars

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Classical guitars are fairly big instruments, which can make transporting them a bit of a challenge. But as it turns out, that's a challenge which is easy to manage! All it takes is the right enclosure from this selection of gig bags for classical guitars, and you'll be well on your way when you have to be... well... on your way. If you're wondering why you might choose a gig bag instead of a hard-shelled guitar case, the answer is a simple one: weight. Rigid cases are heavy, which when combined with the weight of the guitar itself, makes for one fatiguing equation. Pack your instrument up in one of these gig bags to get enough protection for short-distance trips, and your back will thank you for it.

While we've established that classical guitars aren't particularly small, that's not to say they're all the same size, either. So when you set out to choose a gig bag for your classical guitar, the first thing to know is its size. That way, you can shop for a gig bag with a nice, snug fit - which will make it more effective at its job of defending the instrument from bumps and scratches. For example, there's the Musician's Gear 7/8 Size Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag for near-full-sized models, and the top-rated Road Runner Roadster Little Brat 3/4-Sized Guitar Gig Bag for the next size down.

You might also choose a gig bag just for its great looks! Check out the Kremona Dual Pocketed Double Reinforced Deluxe Classical Gig Bag for instance: its color and styling make it the perfect companion for a vintage instrument. Or maybe you're an accessory junkie interested in getting the highest volume of nooks and crannies for all your gear? In that case, the Road Runner Roadster Classical Guitar Gig Bag might be your best bet. It's loaded with roomy pockets - no wonder it's one of the best sellers in the whole category.

The only strict requirements a gig bag has to fulfill are being able to fit the instrument it's designed for, and having enough padding to keep that instrument well-protected. Beyond that, the details are up to the manufacturer, which has led to the impressive variety of styles you can see in this lineup of gig bags for classical guitars. Which one of those designs meets your needs is up to you to decide; as long as the gig bag you choose is the right size for your guitar, the rest is a matter of preference.