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Bogner has been blowing the minds of guitar players with their state-of-the-art amplifiers since 1989, and it's really no wonder when you consider how versatile and powerful each of their heads are. Brought to life through a dedicated team of adventurous tone seekers, Bogner amp heads can be found on stages and in recording studios all over the globe. In fact, artists as diverse as Keith Urban, Steve Vai, Jerry Cantrell and Scott Ian are all proud owners of Bogner amplifiers, so that should give you a good indication of how dedicated Bogner is to all tastes and playing styles.

As you look through Bogner's selection of heads, you'll notice that a variety of different models are available, each of which boast their own unique names, wattages, and characteristics. For example, the Barcelona 40W Tube Guitar Amp Head packs a huge sound in a portable, carry-on sized package. With its class AB circuitry, EL34 power tubes, 8-ohm speaker jack and much more, the Barcelona is designed to stay clean at very loud volumes, and it certainly succeeds. Simply put, this single-channel boutique head is ideal for guitarists who prefer to get their distortion from pedals.

Or, if it's an amp that delivers rich harmonic textures and contains multiple controls that you want, check out the Goldfinger 90 90W Tube Guitar Amp Head. A two channel vintage-voiced guitar amp, each channel (one called Alpha, the other Omega) has its own switches to customize the sound to your preference. Other features on the Goldfinger include footswitch-controllable spring reverb, and pre and post effects loops. In other words, the Goldfinger is more than just an amp... it's a guitar system, and an impressive one at that.

As you can imagine, Bogner's guitar amplifier head choices go well beyond these two exceptional models, and finding the right one for you is as simple as exploring the rest of their catalog. In the end, just remember that Bogner is passionate about helping you make the most of your playing experience, and any one of their guitar amplifier heads will make that clear as day.