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The influences of bands that were coming out of Detroit in the mid-'70s are obvious in every Egnater guitar amplifier head. Of course, it's no wonder why when you consider that Bruce Egnater's sources of inspiration were the wild sounds that were already blasting from the city surrounding him, including Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, and Bob Seger. Today, Egnater guitar amplifier heads can be found on stages and in recording studios worldwide, and within this section you'll find plenty of killer models to make your guitar playing skills heard at the peak of their powers.

The Egnater name is no stranger to guitarists who prefer to crank up the overdrive. In fact, Bruce Egnater was responsible for creating one of the first amps to have clean and overdrive channels with separate controls for each. Better known as "cascaded gain", this innovative solution allowed players to increase their distortion without having to turn up the volume. Today, Egnater's catalog is bursting with these kinds of multi-channel tube designs, including the best-selling Tweaker-40 40W Tube Guitar Amp Head. Offering the classic sounds of the original Tweaker with over double the power, the two independent channels on this head each have their own expanded set of Tweaker options. There's Tight & Bright voicing switches, a Vintage/Modern amp voicing switch, Clean/Hot gain selector, and even a Mid Cut switch. Overall, this head is a versatile, all-tube powerhouse that will satisfy any tone-tweaker's needs.

Now, for those who play in groups that hit the road often, check out the Tourmaster Series 4100 100W All-Tube Guitar Amp Head. Boasting a wide array of classic rock tones, this rugged road-ready head contains four channels - Clean/Vintage 1, Clean/Vintage 2, Overdrive 1, and Overdrive 2. With each of these unique channels, you can effortlessly go from sweet-sounding blues tones to classic-rock crunch and even '80s metal-style gain. With the Tourmaster 4100, the tonal possibilities are seemingly endless.

And that doesn't even cover half of the choices awaiting you in this section. Whatever you choose, remember that every Egnater amplifier head is constructed by passionate amplifier gurus who love coming up with new, inventive ways to make your guitar-playing experience a more enjoyable one.