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With an instantly recognizable look, and a pure, character-filled tone, 3rd Power Amps Guitar Amplifiers are what happen when you focus purely on innovation. Driven to stand out amongst the gear currently available on the market, 3rd Power has taken a two-tiered approach towards creating their amps:  first, emphasizing the performance of the speaker cabinet itself, then shifting to improve the circuitry and how it interacts with vacuum tubes. The result is something absolutely extraordinary. If you need more out of your amplifier, 3rd Power is what you're after. If you're looking for a guitar amp in this section, you're not looking for a starter model - you're here for something that will let you dominate on stage. Options like the British Dream 30W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp and the vintage-inspired Switchback Series SB212 Guitar Speaker Cabinet will give you a taste of what 3rd Power can deliver, all while promising some of the best tone you've ever heard. Or if you're searching for something that's totally off-the-wall, check out the uniquely-shaped HLH Series 312 180W Triangle Guitar Speaker Cabinet, with its distinct triangle design. Featuring three stacked cabs, a rich, thick tone and a shape made to eliminate harsh beaming, this amp is like nothing else.

There are also a variety of amp heads to choose from here, if youve decided you want to build your own stack. Blending power, control, and tonal attitude, these amp heads are balanced so they perform equally well in the studio or on-stage.

When deciding on a brand of guitar amps to go with, looking at the artists that use them is a great way to gauge if they're right for you. After all, if professional guitarists trust them when they take center stage, they must be good. For 3rd Power, those guitarists are top performers like Lenny Kravitz, Joe Walsh of the Eagles, The Who's Simon Townshend, and country music legend Vince Gill. If you want to hear your music in a totally different light, go with the guitar amps some of the biggest names in the industry rely on