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When you play the guitar, it's all about tone. Getting the right sound is something that was once a struggle for guitarists, but with Budda guitar amplifiers to choose from, it's become easier than ever. Budda's claim to fame is mixing the sweet vintage-sounding gain of tubes with lively, responsive attack to create an eager tone like none other. The big break for Budda amps was the Twinmaster, crafted in 1995 by designers Jeff Bober and Scot Sier. A combo amp version of the Twinmaster is still available two decades later, pushing 15W from its 12" speaker. Budda didn't stop there, though, and their lineup has expanded to continue pushing the boundaries of amplifier engineering. That impressive work has earned them the Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player Magazine.

Budda amps have also earned the respect and endorsement of guitar heroes and rising stars everywhere. That's because serious musicians are the chief consideration for Budda amps. A few of the artists who've used Budda amplifiers are Alex Skolnick of Testament, Leslie West of Mountain and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. When you hear your own Budda amp for the first time, you'll quickly understand why professional musicians all over the world are drawn to their amazing performance.

If you like everything in one portable package to make setting up for gigs quick and painless, take a look at all-in-one options like the Superdrive 18 Series or 30 Series II Combo Amps. These combo amplifiers will give you all the distortion and range you could ask for, condensed into an amp that's easy to pack up and transport all around town. You can also go big with a full stack topped by amp heads such as the powerful Budda Bully or Tung Sol 6V6GC-sporting SuperDrive V-Series.

The characteristic sound of a Budda guitar amplifier can easily be adapted to any guitarist's style. With their lightweight aluminum casings and durable design, these are road-ready amps that are chomping at the bit to join you on your next tour or just accompany you to gigs on the other side of town. When you want to put on a great performance, Budda amps are the gear to bring.