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When it comes to music, passion goes a long way. That doesn't just go for performers, it goes for the engineers and designers who build our instruments and gear as well. With Rocktron guitar amplifiers, you can definitely see that passion at work. They've gone to great lengths to innovate and build the best amps they can, and the results show in the impressive sound that Rocktron delivers. It doesn't matter if you're a touring guitarist or a beginner practicing at home - there is sure to be something for you here in the Rocktron lineup.

When it's professional grade that you're looking for, there's a good chance that you have the choice of working with a studio or road rack. It's good news, then, that some of Rocktron's strongest options are its rack-mounted amplifiers. Check out the Widowmaker Guitar Rack Preamp for starters; it's designed with metal and hard rock at heart, and it definitely has the tonal muscle to keep up with those supercharged performances. Follow it up with a power section like the Velocity 100 LTD Guitar Rack Power Amp or the Velocity 300 150W Rack Power Amp, and you'll be all set to shake the stage.

Looking for something more self-contained? Try the Rocktron V50D Velocity 50W Guitar Combo Amp on for size. This bad boy has a pair of specially-tuned 8" speakers to deliver the impressive distortion Rocktron is known for, as well as some really killer chorus and delay effects with footswitch support. On the other hand, maybe you'd prefer something amazingly tiny and portable to bust out a quick jam session anywhere, anytime? If so, you want the Velocity Series VG05 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp. It's a miniature screamer that's always ready to go.

Whether you're looking for portable or rack-mounted, Rocktron guitar amplifiers have you covered. Better yet, they're backed by a great reputation and built with all the attention to detail you could ask for in a piece of gear. For guitar veterans and beginners alike, there's no shortage of things to love about Rocktron amps.