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No guitarist would deny that accessories are essential parts of a hobby or career in music, and when it comes to accessories, guitar cases and gig bags are definitely near the top of the list. If you play an Ibanez guitar, you owe it to your instrument to pack it up in a case that's tailor-made to fit it perfectly. Not only will that protect your investment from the hazards of travel, it'll also ward off dust and scratches to ensure that the guitar stays in great shape between shows.

One of the most versatile Ibanez guitar cases is the M100C Hardshell Case for RG, S, JS and PGM models. It can accommodate a wide range of Ibanez instruments, and it's also got plenty of extra space for picks, strings, straps and whatever other odds and ends you need to have with you. The aluminum hardware that finishes off this case is durable as well as a nice stylistic touch, and its interior features a nice plush lining that's gentle on the guitar's finish.

Of course, the M100C is only the start. Ibanez offers several other electric guitar cases like the XP100C and UV1000C. If it's an acoustic (or acoustic-electric) guitar you're looking to carry, you have even more options to choose from. For classical guitars, there's the AC100C; for dreadnoughts, the PF50C; and, if you play an Ibanez Artcore guitar, you'll find a whole range of cases to suit every model in the series.

Whatever your Ibanez axe, you'll find a case for it here. After all, no one knows a guitar's particulars quite as well as the luthier who made it. With an Ibanez guitar case or gig bag, you'll know for sure that it's designed specifically to take into account the finish, weight distribution and design of your instrument, which translates into a case that's easy to carry while offering excellent protection.