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Bartolini is a name that is well known and respected in the music world... and for good reason. Since the early '70s, Bartolini guitar pickups have been preferred by countless strummers and shredders. For proof of their popularity, just take a look through this catalog and you'll get a glimpse at one best seller after another. Whether you prefer the bright, cutting sound of a P90 or the well-rounded, hum-free tone of a humbucker, Bartolini has a guitar pickup for you that would be a massive upgrade to your favorite 6-string.

If you're a jazz guitarist who wants a pickup that showcases your virtuosic skills loudly and clearly, feast your eyes on the Electric Guitar 6-String PAF Jazz/Rock Humbucker Dual Coil Neck Pickup. A part of Bartolini's PBF line, this pickup's smooth, vintage tone is the result of a partnership between Bill Bartolini and legendary Chicago guitar builder Ed Reynolds. It's available in your choice of black, chrome, gold or nickel and ideal for any serious performer who wants to take their performance to a higher level. Bartolini is also a respected designer of P90 pickups, and the Electric Guitar 6-String P90 Humbucker Dual Coil Neck Pickup delivers a high-end attack that's crisp and clear. For more overdrive, pair this killer P90 with one of Bartolini's preamps and you'll be sure to leave your audience's ears ringing for days.

In addition to electric guitar pickups, Bartolini offers a first-class acoustic guitar pickup here as well. Compact and easy to install, the 3AV Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup fits right into any sized soundhole and boasts a hum-free, stacked-coil canceller with B-string compensation. It also comes with a 10-foot long cable and plastic mounting brackets, so you can have this pro-level acoustic pickup ready for your next coffee house gig as soon as it arrives to your door.

Now that you're clued in to what Bartolini guitar pickups are waiting in this catalog, the next move is yours. If you've never customized your guitar with new pickups, consider this your starting point. Bartolini guitar pickups are in a league of their own and equipping your axe with one of these beauties will be sure to give you a sound that leaves like-minded musical peers drooling with envy.